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Basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Back in 2008, when Lehman Brothers failed the world, and recession hit the mankind at its worst, people not only lost their jobs, but also trust. Trust in banks, in government organizations and even in big companies who sold products or services claiming to be the best in the market. When Lehman Brothers put the

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – An Introduction

The Nature of Money Once upon a time, people used to trade in items that were useful to them. For example, I could trade meat from my hunting kill for a stone knife that helped me prepare a meal. At some stage, people realized this could be abstracted by using items of some associated value,

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Insight into Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a system which permits the maintenance of a single updated, valid and secured ledger among multiple connected computers. It is pertinent to know that blockchain technology gives room for a transparent, secure and eagle-speed transfer of digital goods from one person to another. Anytime a transaction takes place, the date, its source and

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